Music Therapy

Where:   Your home, in the child’s natural, comfortable environment.

I have a background in classical and jazz, a diploma in jazz music from Vancouver Island and a bachelor’s degree in music therapy (BMT), including a 1000 hour internship in an elementary school and in long-term care with direct supervision from an accredited music therapist and independently run programs of groups and one to one sessions. I have experience with children of all ages, teens, seniors, and with children with special needs.

I work with:

  •       Children on the autistic spectrum
  •       Children with reading or math difficulties
  •       Children with emotional or social struggles
  •       Children with attention deficits or hyperactivity
  •       Children with anger, aggression or shyness
  •       Children with down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, CAPD or other
  •       challenges
  •     Children who are gifted in the intellectual or physical realm
  •       and seek or would benefit from a creative outlet
  •      Persons with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, history of stroke or other later life
  •       considerations

Music Therapy may include:

  •       Fun
  •       Fine and gross motor development
  •       Language acquisition
  •       Play and movement
  •       Social development
  •       Emotional expression
  •       Emotional awareness
  •       Self awareness building, self monitoring
  •       Developing positive self image and self esteem
  •       Reading and math skills through songs and activities
  •       Improvisation on instruments
  •       Structured play on instruments
  •       Active listening
  •       Creative opportunities and song-writing
  •       Drums, percussion, xylophone, guitar and voice
  •       Memory recall development
  •       All levels

Rates: $100 per session

Please go to contact with any inquiries or questions! I look forward to the opportunity of working with your child.