Ambre teaches primarily from a jazz approach, with a diploma in jazz music performance, including three full-time years of University, studying jazz theory, composition, combo, performance, one on one lessons, ear training and history.

Ambre holds her bachelor of arts degree in music therapy, (a five-year degree, including a 1000 hour internship with direct supervision) including child development, how music affects the brain, musical applications for behavior and emotion, assessing different learning styles, communication and counselling as well as advanced private music instruction.  She has over 7 years of experience working with children and adults of various abilities, using music in various ways, such as bell choir concerts with long-term care, sing-a-longs with guitar, private music instruction and piano entertainment.

She has been teaching privately for over eight years to various ages and learning styles, primarily to young children. A core value in her teaching approach is to encourage the enjoyment of piano.

Where: Ambre’s home in North Nanaimo or your home.

Ambre provides:

Chords, harmony and how to use them in a fun way, with children’s favourite tunes (jazz voicings at the more advanced level)
Improvisation and singing
Application of theory (let’s take a scale and play it inside out, for example)
All levels
Primarily a jazz approach, not classical
Can include introductory guitar in the lesson, if desired (can be a great way to break up the lesson and hold attention, while also facilitating an interest in different aspects of music and interest in different instruments)

Rates: $60 at your home or $50 at mine (30-minute lesson).  For two children, $95 at your home and $85 at my home (for two 30-minute lessons.  I also have space for the child waiting to do homework or colour, if they are old enough to manage themselves quietly during their sibling/friend’s lesson).  I live in North Nanaimo and I have a long-haired cat so my space would not work for children with intense allergies.

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