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Ambre Rippon: Following the Path of Soul

In the UK ,The Guardian newspaper is widely considered by discerning readers as a daily to trust, its coverage of current affairs as close to the truth as can be found. A natural consequence of this is that consumers also tend to consider the publication a fairly accurate guide in terms of opinions on popular culture.

Last July, the paper’s website ran a podcast showcasing Canadian music, highlighting recent phenomena such as Feist and Arcade Fire alongside those woven into the fabric of our society, like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. The responses aroused, mostly questioning this or that omission, included listener ‘Norrie C’ proclaiming Ambre Rippon “the next big thing…following in the footsteps of Allison Crowe and Diana Krall. [Read more]

BC Musician Magazine

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Vancouver Island-born, Ambre Rippon, is a powerfully versatile singer/songwriter rooted in traditional jazz, but she’s not afraid to mix it up with a little R&B and Hip Hop. She’s powerfully driven, keeps a cool head, and is winning over listeners from all over the world.

Ambre’s pitch and resonance beg comparisons to industry greats like Dee Daniels, while her sharp, on-pace lyrics keep the ears tuned to refreshingly revealing personal stories like those of Alicia Keys or Lauren Hill. The self-released full-length CD Ambre: Path of Soul, is a must-have for jazz aficionados of all ages and persuasions. The 12-song disc features 3 distinct styles: bare-bones piano jazz (instrumentation by Ambre); a top-notch jazz trio; and the hypnotic Hip Hop beats found on tracks like “Apprehension”. [Read more]